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STOP Throwing Away You Hard Earned Cash On Systems That Are TOO Darn Difficult To Use At Best, At Worst Will Never Deliver The Results YOU Want or Need...g



From The Desk Of: Phil Henderson


orget everything you've ever been taught about generating massive amounts traffic to your sites, blogs, affiliate offers or CPA offers and listen up.


"They don't want YOU to know the truth!"



But you knew that already, right?

Maybe you’re just getting started online, desperate to start making some money but feeling totally confused and overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’re already making money online but seem to spend more on PPC and SEO than you actually earn! 

Sounding familiar yet… sure I know… 

I’ve been there, desperately trying to make a dollar online but feeling more and more frustrated with it all 

You’ve purchased Ebooks, DVD’s, High Ticket Mastermind Sessions, Seminars… and still you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall… 

Listen… you name the course chances are I’ve got a copy somewhere! 

In fact as a rough guess I reckon I’ve ‘invested’ more than $40,000 trying to make sense of this stuff…


"This May Be The MOST Important Page You Have Ever Read"

Let’s get this straight right now this is not in the slightest bit technical… 


x No Website Required
x No Domain Name To Purchase
x No Expensive Web Hosting Needed
x No Technical Skills Required
x No Need For Hours Of Studying
x No More Spending A Fortune On PPC Ad’s


You can have this set up and driving MASSIVE traffic in as little as 30 minutes!

You WILL Get Results TODAY!!

"Believe Me This Is All About Giving Back!” 


Crazy huh!

Maybe but here’s the thing, I’m a pretty straight up guy and see things in good old black and white… 

What you see is what you get… nothing more and nothing less! 

Times are hard enough as it is and let’s be honest for a minute… 

They ain’t getting better anytime soon! 



Gone are the days of jobs for life, damn there aren’t even any ‘safe’ jobs anymore…

People just like you and me are losing not only their jobs but also their homes, daily!

The world really is screwed… and you know it’s time to take action when good, law abiding families are being flung out onto the streets without out any hope or future; their only crime... "not being in control of their own destiny"

Well today is the day you can finally take control…


You're About To Discover A Stupidly Simple Way To Generate A TON Of Traffic And All For FREE


It's time for you to stand up, take action and become master of your financial future!

Finally make all the money you’ve ever dreamt about and live life on your terms!


"OK, that’s great Phil… but why would you want to share this with me?"

Well, when I discovered this incredible system I was making a nice six figure income as a consultant in the utility industries - well the income sounded great but the out-goings were massive.

You see to earn this kind of money I had to work away from home five days a week, this meant time away from my loved ones, missed birthdays, family events etc.

 It also meant two homes, two cars, two lots of living expense and my "entertainment" costs were extortionate.

The strains on my marriage and family were adding to my stress and I was simply dying trying to earn a living!

Just to make things worse… it had become impossible to save any money for those unforeseen emergencies I was now living well above my means...

Here’s the straw that broke the camels back for me

The company I worked for told me if I wanted to stick around I'd have to reduce my day rate by some 30% - this was a huge drop and pretty soon the credit cards were beginning to get maxed out as I was tried desperately to juggle things around... robbing Peter to pay Paul

 ... In fact in a few short months I found myself at my lowest ebb.

The writing was on the wall I knew I was about to lose my job but that was the least of my worries you see I had something much more serious on my mind...


 “If Like Me… You've Been Looking For Or Even Tried A Few Online Marketing Courses, Then You're Probably Just As Disillusioned As I Was!”


You've no doubt jumped from e-book to e-book, bought the latest "Done for you product" hoping it will solve your marketing problems forever...

The truth is, these things are doomed to fail from the start... at best, they’re written in such a way you never really ‘get it’ at worse; they never really worked anyway!

What does this mean…

Well, most people (me included) put them to one side promising to use it sometime!

And then go out and snap up the next "wonder FIX"... (I swear, sometimes these "guru's are no better than "drug dealers"; they give you a taste of the dream and you keep needing the fix!).


"In all honesty, your system is as push button as you are going to get!"

David Chamberlain



Everything had become unclear almost like a fog had descended over me as I tried my best to make sense of all the confusion.

Yes, I’d fallen into Internet Marketing quick sand I’d been sucked in …

Even worse, the more I tried to get myself out the deeper I began sinking... I was throwing good money after bad...

Thinking about it now "I’d have been better off going to the casino and sticking all of my money on red!!"

Once again…"I was lying to myself and worse still I was lying to the people I cared about..." 


“There Were Simply Too Many Things To Try At Once... (notice I said try!) I Couldn’t Focus & Nothing Was Working!”


I’d bought courses on PPC, Ad sense, Blogging, Membership Sites, Squidoo, Video Marketing, Traffic Exchanges, SEO and many others...

And despite actually knowing many of the authors of these products as friends knowing they really do work for them and their subscribers;


“I Just Couldn't Seem To Get Them To Work For Me, I Was About To Quit And Quit For Good!!”



I was drowning fast and it didn’t seem to matter what I tried to cling onto it didn’t work...

This Internet Marketer was about to fail and fail spectacularly!


“I Stumbled Across A Powerful Secret That Turned Everything Around…”


I’d been working on a strategy for getting page one rankings of Google in under 60 minutes time and time again.

Using a “triage” system of a Self Hosted Wordpress blog and two blogger blogs.

Yes this system worked and with some tweaking and applying some well thought out strategies I was cracking the Google code effortlessly and I could easily teach this to you too…

 BUT and it’s a big BUT…

“It Simply Wasn’t Sustainable Long Term”

You could churn out blogs each and everyday and rank highly, however the income from these blogs was not what you would call “life changing”.

Not only that, the strategy also carried with it some up front costs.

You had to have a GOOD domain name, a hosting account, spend hours developing the blogs and then hoping you had chosen the right keyword phrase to not only rank high but also to provide a good return on investment.

Many, many of those sites failed for all sorts of reasons.

I was frustrated and if I’d shared this with you… you would’ve been too!

Now… I still have a few of those old sites ranking top- ten in Google in some highly competitive niches and yes they provide an income;

Let me tell you though the effort required to get these sites online far outweighs the return so far, now I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and putting the effort in, but and I think you’ll agree…

It’s better to work smarter than harder!


“Finally A Kick-Ass System… No Upfront Costs, No Technical Knowledge Plus It Worked Every Time Without Fail!”

You WILL Get Results TODAY!!


It seemed the time I spent trying to get this to work had paid off without me even knowing it…

You see I’d come to understand key things Google and the other search engines were looking for from website developers and bloggers.

I’d established a basic system which would get page one of Google in under twenty minutes practically 99.9% of the time and each time using simple one page, readily available sites on the web…

This meant I could test my keyword phrases and my niches fast. Tip: If you’re going to fail, fail fast so you know what doesn’t work as quickly as possible and then concentrate on what does work. 


“I Found A Method Of Getting My FREE 1 Page Website Ranked On Page One Of Google In Less Than 20 Minutes...


And even better this wasn't for some freaky search term no one would compete for...

No, there were over 12 MILLION competitors for this keyword phrase and yet here I was…

A relative Internet marketing no-hoper ranking right up there with some huge competitors!

I literally had to pinch myself,


“Would It Really Work Every Time… Or Was It Just A Stroke Of Luck?”


I had to know for sure…

So I set to finding another competitive niche and an equally competitive keyword and set about testing…

WOW… was I shocked, not only did I rank on page 1 of Google but I did it in less than 12 minutes!

My FREE one page website was ranking alongside established sites some of which I knew were using extremely high level SEO strategies (which cost a small fortune to implement) and it hadn’t cost me a dime!


 “Traffic And Sales Began Flooding In From These Simple Strategies Anyone Can DO For FREE & Build Within 10 Minutes...


And Then The MAGIC Really Began!


I started to test this strategy on other methods...

I could make a simple video that would take under 10 minutes, press "upload" and be on page one of Google in 3 minutes flat!

This system even worked on YouTube!

Even better, these videos were driving a TON of free traffic to any site, blog, Affiliate offer, CPA offer, even my Facebook fanpages!

And I mean a TON of free traffic!!



The Videos Generate So MUCH Traffic We Even Get Invited By YouTube Themselves To Join Their Lucrative Partner Programme!



"My underground System Kick’s Traditional Methods Into Touch Time After Time… Even If You’re A Total Beginner!"


Once you see the Stupidly Simple SEO system…

You’ll be amazed at just how simple it is…

Finally start making real money on the internet, even if you know nothing about computers or Internet Marketing.

Putting my SSSEO System to work for you…

You’ll enjoy the same page one Google rankings... Increase in FREE traffic and automated affiliate sales; including CPA offers!!


"I bought SSSEO and its still one of my favorite products, because it does exactly what it says on the tin - and you seriously over-deliver. Not only that, when I had a problem (which was my own fault) you responded inside 30 minutes. IMHO you're one of the good guys".

Mark Stephens


When you grab your copy of this system you’ll get the exact process, a step-by-step system I follow daily which allows me to out-rank some of the BIG BOYS with their multi-page, heavily SEO'd websites, sites which take weeks and cost a pretty penny to build...

And it won’t cost you a dime!

In fact all you have to do is decide…


If you’d like to have FUN whilst you work… like I do

If you’d like to be able to spend more time with your family and friends… like I do

If you’d like to finally say I’m doing it… I’m making money online… like I am

Then this is for YOU

Listen I know chances are you’re pretty skeptical right now…

And to be honest I don’t blame you, there’s so much rubbish out there it’s hard to tell the good from the bad… 

So I decided to do something different, maybe a little crazy but hey… I told you I was a straight-forward guy!


"You can keep throwing good money after bad searching for that Magic Red Button or grab my proven Stupidly Simple Systems NOW!"



 Watch Over My Shoulder Real-Time As I Show You Exactly How To Create A Simple One Page Website And A Simple 60 Second Video Which Ranks On Page 1 Of Google In Minutes!


I've done this time and time again…

More importantly, our members are doing this daily...it Simply works!  

And You Know What… This Little Known "Secret" Will Work For You Too!” 


No More:

x Worrying about choosing the "right" niche.
x Spending hour after hour on keyword research
x No Expensive Web Hosting Needed
x No Technical Skills Required
x No Need For Hours Of Studying
x No More Spending A Fortune On PPC Ad’s


Plus You Get... To See The Exact Process I Follow To Chose The Hottest Best Selling Products

Plus You Get... Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow Processes That Will Ensure You Will Get Your Pages And Videos Ranked On Page One Of Google Just As FAST



"My Stupidly Simple Systems Are Changing The Lives Of Our Members Daily...

Let me Help YOU To Finally Change Yours!!"


Forget the BIG RED Magic Button...



I could easily charge $497 for these videos right now they are that powerful,

… but for a limited time, you get access to these "no-hold's" barred, "reveal all" videos.

You WILL Get Results TODAY!!


Phil Henderson

PS - These simple to follow videos let you watch over my shoulder… discover the exact methods I use to generate TONS of FREE traffic in no time at all!

PPS - I've even added a "BONUS" Facebook traffic strategy in there






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Most Customers Of This Product Will Not Do Anything At All With It and Subsequently Have No Positive Results.

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